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MK Clinic

MK Clinic

The specialized clinic for men's care in Istanbul

mk men’s care clinic in istanbul

We are the first integrated center for men’s care in particular in Istanbul

Center departments
Department of medical aesthetics and skin care

  • Hydrafacial with fruit acids to deeply cleanse the skin while unifying the skin tone
    Hydrafacial is a medical skin treatment technique.

    Done with a dedicated device, the device performs four main operations while it is working:

    1-Cleansing the skin with a head that suction impurities and dirt from the pores.

    2- Exfoliating the skin.

    3-Remove dead skin cells.

    Intensive plasma activated with vitamins for the face

    1- Stimulating collagen production in the facial area.

    2- Reducing and improving the appearance of scars, especially acne scars.

    3- Getting rid of the harmful effects of sunlight on the face.

    4- Reducing and improving the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.

    Plasma with hair strengthening vitamins

    The benefits of plasma for hair loss

    1- Reducing inflammation in the scalp, which can be a cause of hair loss.

    2- Increase blood flow to hair follicles.

    3- Increasing the thickness of the stem or the diameter of the hair, and thus increasing the density of the hair.

    4- Stimulate collagen production in the scalp.

    5- A slight increase in the small blood vessels around the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth

    Meso injections for the face

    1- Injection uses

    2- Mesotherapy for the face

    3- Treating the effects of acne.

    4- Treating wide facial pores and improving their shape.

    5- Regeneration of skin cells and tissues to get rid of dark spots, scars and skin pigmentation.

    6- Lightening the skin and restoring its freshness and smoothness by stimulating blood circulation.

    7- Getting rid of wrinkles and sagging skin during aging.

    Meso for the treatment of hair loss and germination

Mesotherapy works to nourish and revitalize the hair follicles, which leads to the following results:

1- Hair loss begins to stop gradually.

2- Healthy hair growth is stimulated.

3- The activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp is reduced.

4- The flow of blood and oxygen to the follicles increases.

5- Dandruff decreases.

6- Hair density and smoothness improve and it looks more shiny.

A filler to treat sagging and sagging of the face

1- Filler injections to remove the laugh lines

2- Filler injections to define the jaw and chin using the Texas technique to highlight masculine features

3- Filler injections to raise and treat the angles of the mouth

Botox to treat excessive sweating

Botox treatment of wrinkles in the forehead and around the eye, while opening the sagging corner of the eye

    • Facelift threads

      Collagen threads and glasses

      These threads produce fibers and collagen, which allows building new tissues and increasing skin thickness, thus eliminating wrinkles. Golden threads are temporary threads that last about a year and a half

Laser section includes:

  • Cold medical laser hair removal
  • Removing tattoos or tattoos of all kinds from the body
    • Carbon laser to treat melasma and pigmentation
      Slimming and tightening the body with special devices without surgery using the 5g technology
      And cryo technology to freeze stubborn fats and remove them gradually, and radio frequency and vibration technology

      There are many benefits to using the vibrating fat burning device, including: dissolving and burning fat, contributing to body sculpting and achieving a fit body, increasing body endurance, raising fitness in general, stimulating blood circulation, relieving joint and spine pain, and reducing stress arising from nervous stress.

      Face and neck lift with modern devices

      Through 4D Haifu technology and vibration

      The desired results of HIFU

      Tighter and more elastic skin.

      Getting rid of a large number of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles.

      Slowing down the appearance of signs of aging on the face and neck.

      Lifting and tightening the cheeks without surgery.

      Improvement of the lower jaw line, freshness of the skin and the general shape of the face

      VIP barber shop

With the most skilled barbers in Istanbul

Hair therapist

Keratin for hair

Department of Physical Therapy
Cupping to get rid of body pain
Department of hand and foot care, pedicure and semen care

Product selling department

The center contains our own products for skin and hair care with distinctive and luxurious men’s perfumes

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