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Cookie Policy for MK Clinic

We appreciate your concerns and concern about the privacy of your data on the Internet. This policy has been prepared to help you understand the nature of the data that we collect from you when you visit our website and how we deal with this personal data.

Browsing: We did not design this site in order to collect your personal data from your computer while browsing this site, but only the data provided by you will be used with your knowledge and of your own free will, which is to contact you.
Internet Protocol (IP) address: At any time you visit any website, including this site, the host server will record your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of the visit, the type of Internet browser you are using, and the URL of any website. The Internet that referred you to this website.
Online surveys: The surveys that we perform directly on the network enable us to collect specific data, such as the data required from you regarding your view and feeling about our site. Your responses are of utmost importance, and we appreciate it as it enables us to improve the level of our site. Provide data related to your name and other data.
Confidentiality of information: We will maintain at all times the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data that we obtain, and this information will not be disclosed at all. The information will remain strictly confidential, including contact data, names, photos, and others.
The data necessary to carry out the transactions requested by you: When we need any data of your own, we will ask you to provide it of your own free will. Where this information will help us to contact you and implement your requests wherever possible, the data provided by you will never be sold to any third party for the purpose of marketing it for its own benefit without obtaining your prior and written consent unless this is done on the basis that it is within collective data used for statistical purposes and research It does not include any data that could be used to identify you.

when you contact us

All data provided by you will be treated as confidential. The forms that are submitted directly on the network require the submission of data that will help us improve our site. The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your inquiries, comments, or requests from this site. website or any of its affiliated websites.

Disclosure of information to any third party: We will not sell, trade, rent, or disclose any information for the benefit of any third party outside this site, or its affiliated sites, and the information will be disclosed only if an order is issued by any judicial or regulatory authority.
Contact Us: You can contact us when needed by clicking on the Contact Us link provided in our website links or by sending to our e-mail.
Finally: Your concerns and concerns regarding the confidentiality and privacy of data are a matter of utmost importance to us. We hope that this will be achieved through this policy.

Explanatory text and consent text on the protection of personal information

Under the Law on Protection of Personal Information / KVKK No. 6668 includes all personal information that is useful for identifying or showing the identity of a real person. Accordingly, we would like to inform you below regarding the rights you have under the Personal Information Protection Act, which includes your information held by MK Clinic Health and Tourism Co. Ltd.

(MK Clinic) and a statement of the purposes of processing this information, the legal reasons for that, the method of collecting it, to whom it is given, and for what purpose it is given, whether it is related to these matters or not.

1- Legal methods and reasons for collecting personal data:

(MK Clinic) as the data officer and through the methods in the service phase that are implemented in many different channels such as the website, mobile applications, call center, shops, social media channels, direct or authorized communication channels, and physical / physical channels, and by using these channels, data is collected Your personal data through verbal, written or electronic means in accordance with the relevant laws and the laws of requesting contracts, commercial dealings and credibility that provide the possibility of providing quality service to you and carrying out commercial activities within this framework.

In this context, your personal and health data are collected by (MK Clinic) or by real or legal persons who record and process data in the ways described below, for example, but not limited to, in written or electronic form:

* Social networks that offer you membership entry during membership registration or login

* Contact forms filled in for the purpose of communication mentioned on our website or websites belonging to third parties

* Online shopping applications and cookies used to identify you and applications on mobile phones

* The various contracts that you signed with our company, in addition to all kinds of electronic messages, requests, work orders, faxes, and messages sent by you to our company.

* Third person company / companies that register data on behalf of our company or that provide support to our company at any stage of the membership program.

* Customer service channels, including our employees, digital shopping, and the call center

* Using social media channels, Google and similar search engines

* Membership contracts and all other contracts, advertising campaigns, reviews, forms and offers

* Our service network, advisors and interested third persons.

In accordance with the methods mentioned above, your required personal data will be recorded in the event that a contract is concluded with you for the purpose of concluding the contract and fulfilling the contract in the continuation phase according to this explanatory text only and without obtaining your express consent, based on the exception listed in

J, Clause (C) of Article No. 5/2 of the Personal Data Protection Law, which states the following: “In the event that personal data belonging to the parties to the contract must be recorded and processed, provided that it is directly related to the conclusion or fulfillment of the contract.”

As for all your personal data except for your personal data required to conclude or implement the contract between you and (MK Clinic) based on your express consent in the event that your express consent is obtained after reading this text. We would like to clarify and remind you that you have the right not to give your prior express consent to the processing of this personal data and for the purpose of entering into a contract with you or your purchase of the product except for your personal data required during the conclusion of the contract with you or to fulfill the contract while continuing the contract.

2- Processing of personal data and the purpose of processing it:

As (MK Clinic), we can obtain your personal and / or personal data of special quality, which will be collected by the above-mentioned methods, record, save, store, change, update, check it periodically, rearrange it, classify it, and maintain it for the period necessary for the purpose of processing it or for the period stipulated. in the relevant law and share/assign it to third parties as detailed below and transfer it abroad in case of legal obligation or actual obligation related to the service.

We would like to inform you that we can process your personal data in connection with our campaigns, with the aim of benefiting (MK Clinic) customers from our brand services, stating and developing the commercial and marketing strategy, recording your suggestions and complaints, and providing service to you in line with your needs by getting to know you better and leading you in the implementation of our media and promotional activities and analysis Which must be conducted for service activities and with the aim of making it possible for us to make it in the profile and form better service measurements for you, in all cases in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and related legislation for the purposes of defining and implementing (MK Clinic) commercial strategies.

3- Transfer of personal data to the third person and outside the country:

(MK Clinic) can share with other relevant authorities including but not limited to our group of companies and our business partners and under the information technologies we use and can share the entities that provide the service and companies that give support to provide this service and physical servers and / or people and institutions Which inside and outside the country from which we buy the service that is called the cloud and the companies that provide support on topics that must record and process personal data in the areas of service that provide profile support and measure the gratitude of customers who record personal data on behalf of (MK Clinic) and customers with whom we have contracts And we provide them with services by virtue of our activities, suppliers, monitoring companies, government institutions or bodies with the aim of implementing the company’s activities inside and outside the country and securing work relations between data owners and our customers and / or carrying out interviews within the framework of this goal and providing services, opportunities and capabilities and increasing the quality of services. Take adequate measures within the framework of security and confidentiality principles stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant legislation Provided that the necessary security measures are taken inside and outside the country.

4- The rights stipulated for the owners of personal data in Article No. 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law:

(MK Clinic) fulfills the following requests regarding the persons concerned:

a) Find out whether the company (MK Clinic) has recorded their personal information or not, and find out which of the information was recorded

b) Obtaining information related to the purpose of these information recording activities

c) Know the third persons to whom the personal information was transferred inside and outside the country by (MK Clinic)

d) A request for correction of whether personal information was recorded incompletely or incorrectly

e) Request the erasure or destruction of their personal information in accordance with the law

f) In the event of a request to correct, delete or destroy personal information, he has the right to request that this be notified to the third persons to whom the personal information has been transferred.

g) Objection to the results that occur against him due to the analysis of the information recorded by the automated system.

h) Obtain copies of his personal information.

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